19 Dec 2000. Southern New Jersey. Long Range Patrol.

Moss and his men had the cultist compound pinned down. It was difficult to see past the walls and overgrown hedge fences. A lot of people were running toward the buildings; some were armed, some not.

His stance for the moment was to call out surrender demands, and let his men pick off armed members at the wall or outside.

The cultists were unable to harm Moss’ men in the uparmored Humvees and BTR, so they were hunkering down.

Then the M42 Duster roared to life.

The Duster pulled out from behind the compound and its turret swung around to point twin 40mm cannons at one of the Humvees.

Gah. This went terrible for the bad guys. First, I forgot the Duster had twin cannons. The one cannon I rolled three shots, and scored only one hit on the Humvee. The damage roll was wretched. Savage Worlds rules: Damage didn’t go over the Humvee’s Toughness, and AP made no difference.

The 40mm shell hit at a bad angle and pinged off the Humvee’s armor. The gunner realized in his haste, the other gun hadn’t been loaded, and did so now.

Moss reacted to the new threat. They had little anti-armor available. He had his driver pull the BTR closer to the compound, and by radio ordered the two Humvees to do the same.

The cultist that had bravely attacked Humvee 3 by jumping on the roof… scrambled off as the 40mm shell pinged off the armor. He ran back to the woods.

Humvee 3 returned fire on the Duster with its Mk19 grenade launcher AP rounds. It scored one hit…

Holy cow. The Savage Worlds exploding dice struck.

For the M42 I just used the M2 Bradley’s SW Toughness rating. The damage roll blew through the Duster’s Toughness (Armor and AP factored in) to inflict 3 Wounds on the M42.

SW treats vehicles like really big animals. As a Large vehicle, the Duster can sustain 4 Wounds before being Wrecked. So the M42 got walloped, will be knocked out on its next Wound.

In addition, the Critical Damage roll indicated that a weapon was damaged: One of the Duster’s 40mm guns was knocked out.

The Duster took the round right in the turret, and the cultist’s prize was grievously wounded. The Humvee’s driver peeled away to break line of sight.