From Poland to America: Our Classic Twilight 2000 RPG Campaign

Session summaries and game play mechanics with Maks and crew after World War III. ~ Twilight 2000 is © 2007 Far Future Enterprises.

Timeline + Maps: Our Twilight 2000 Campaign

Timeline map 1


(“Escape From Kalisz”)

Death of a Division

16 July 2000. Łask.  Our Poland Campaign Begins: Escape From Łask

17 July 2000. South of Łask. “Good Luck. You’re on your own now”

21 July 2000. Kamiensk.  Choices

23 July 2000. Szczercow.  Prison raid

24 July 2000. Leaving Szczercow.  Time to leave

The Black Madonna

24 July 2000. Ruins of Częstochowa.  The Black Madonna

25 July 2000. Ruins of Częstochowa.  The shootout in Częstochowa and aftermath

25 July to 28 July 2000. Silesia.

Convoy Ambush

30 July 2000. Soviet 129th MRD OMG HQ. Into the Belly of the Beast

Shoot-out in the HQ

31 July 2000. Intel Bonanza

31 July 2000. Silesia. Post-Black Ops mission

Raciborz Castle

Timeline map 2

The Free City of Krakow

12 August 2000.  The Road to Kraków

13 Aug 2000. Kraków.  Gang Fight

14 Aug 2000. Kraków.  The Free City of Kraków

15 Aug 2000. Kraków.  The Polish Pope

18 August 2000. Kraków.  The Raid

Fall Back!!

19 Aug 2000. Kraków.  Hideout


Timeline map 3

Pirates of the Vistula

20 Aug 2000. Preparations… and some grim news

22 Aug 2000 0600H. Niepolomice. The Magnificent Seven

Ready for a scenic river cruise

26 Aug 2000.  The Wild Vistula

27 Aug 2000. Sandomierz.  Liquid Gold

Intel, 28 Aug 2000

28 Aug 2000. Tarnobrzeg.  A Cautious Recon of Hell

A Fluid Situation

Release the Hounds!

The Duel

30 August 2000. Sandomierz.  The Battle of Sandomierz

Threats Downriver

Timeline map 4

5 September 2000. Radom.  


Factory Fight, part 1

Under Siege

Sitrep 5 Sept 2000

Deals on Wheels

Timeline map 5

8 September 2000. Sandomierz

The New Crew

20 September 2000

Intermission is Over

21 September 2000. Vistula River

Into the Unknown

23 September 2000. Góra Kalwaria

Double Ambush at Góra Kalwaria

Opening Shots

The Korsarz Armada: War!

The Battle of Góra Kalwaria

Operation Omega

Timeline map 6

The Ruins of Warsaw

6 October 2000. Warsaw

Armistice and Alternatives

8 October 2000

Return to Silesia

The Last Train Out

An HK-69 for a Travel Pass

11 October 2000. Silesia

Crushing the Freedom Fighters

Old Woman’s Summer

4 October 2000. Dobrodzien

Extreme Prejudice

14 October 2000. North of Silesia

The Old Stomping Grounds

Mouths to Feed

Timeline map 7

17 October 2000. Kamiensk


Pilgrim’s Progress

20 October 2000. Warsaw

The Black Baron of Warsaw

A Hard Bargain

On The Clock

Proof of Concept

29 Oct 2000. Łódź

A Good Problem

The Ragged Edge


1 November 2000. Konin

Konin Collision

2 November 2000. Sieradz

Kill List

Timeline map 8

4 Nov 2000. Kalisz

Battle Plans

Crossing the Prosna

Assessing Kalisz

Theater of Operations

“I Say Again, Dazzle!”

Stalin’s Banjo

Trading Fire

The Second Battle of Kalisz

Kalisz: Escape and Evasion


Avoiding It Like The Plague

Personnel Problems

Timeline map 9

Going Home

My analysis of the units and locations the players may pass through in Western Poland and Germany.  Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

Going Home: Heading West

8 November 2000. Frankfurt (Oder)

Going Home: Border Crossing

Timeline map 10


Going Home: Brandenburg Speed Run

10 November 2000. Wittenberge

Going Home: The Witch of Bad Wilsnack

Going Home: The Final Stretch

14 Nov 2000. Bremerhaven

Going Home: Bremerhaven

Going Home: At Sea


25 Nov 2000 Cape May

A Rock in Troubled Waters

25 Nov 2000. Cape May, New Jersey.  The Cape on the Borderlands

27 November 2000. Cape May. Sin City: The Indian and Those Punks

28 November 2000. Atlantic City.  Sin City: Captured

28 November to 4 December 2000. Atlantic City, NJ.  Sin City: Megadungeon Taj Mahal

4 December 2000. Taj Mahal Hotel Tower, Atlantic City.  Sin City: Death in a Dark Stairwell

Sin City: The Bloody Hammer

Sin City: Contact Range

Sin City: Running Gunbattle

Sin City: Bodycount

Sin City: Concussion

Sin City: Convalescence

NY Metro Area

Armies of the Night

9 December 2000. Cape May, New Jersey.  Metropolis: Mission Briefing

Metropolis: Gearing Up

11 December 2000. New York City.  Metropolis: Insertion

12 December 2000. New York City.  Metropolis: First Contact

Metropolis: Rovers

Metropolis: Gauntlet

Metropolis: The Eagle is Down

Metropolis: Nadir

Metropolis: Gurkhas

Metropolis: Circling the Wagons

Metropolis: Three Against The Empire

13 December 2000. New York City. Metropolis: Fish in a Barrel

Winter Quarters

18 Dec 2000. Southern New Jersey. Winter Quarters: Pine Barrens Exercise

19 Dec 2000. Winter Quarters: Attack of the Duster

25 Dec 2000. Avalon, New Jersey. Winter Quarters: Convoy Return

1 January 2001. Cape May, New Jersey. Winter Quarters: Arise New America!

15 Jan 2001. Winter Quarters: Tale of Two Congressmen

Ruins of DC

16 Jan 2001. Potomac River. Ruins of DC: Up the Potomac and into the Fallen Capital

18 Jan 2001. Washington DC. Ruins of DC: Condemned Buildings

Ruins of DC: Collapse! (and Champion NPCs)

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