15 Jan 2001 0700H. Cape May, New Jersey.

Resper gestures at the man in the suit and tie. “This is Charles Franklin, formerly Representative from the 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He worked with the Congressman mentioned in our intel, Jeremy Fitzpatrick. They both survived the attacks, and were working together in relief efforts after the war here in Jersey.”

Franklin steps in. “Those reports of Fitzpatrick working for New America, I don’t believe it. Jeremy is one of those rare idealistic public servants. He must be working under duress.”

Resper: “Nevertheless, he’s involved somehow. And you think you know why they may be headed to DC?”

Franklin: “Some of my fellow Congressmen had a fascination with post-disaster government caches – SRS, shorthand for Strategic Resource… something… Anyhow, in the run-up to the War these got put on the front burner. Military and engineering gear. Supplies. Medicines. 

“Before the bombs dropped, Fitzpatrick and I were on a subcommittee working on placement of just such a cache in Pennsylvania. A few months back, Fitzpatrick and I talked about it, but neither of us could remember where the cache ended up. But we remember exactly where our files are at: The Ford Office Building in Washington DC.”

Resper: “I don’t need to elaborate on how critical the contents of such a cache would be for our recovery efforts. Further, such a cache falling into the hands of New America would be yet another loss to them.”

“We got a break.”

“On intel from Jules, your pirate prisoner… Our Pisek Commando team busted a heavy ferry operation near the ruins of the I-295 bridge at Wilmington, DE. The ferry operators were apparently part of New America’s transportation network through the NE corridor. 

“At the scene of the bust, a small convoy approached from the Jersey side, and traded fire with the Pisek Commando. The convoy was turned back. PkC reported seeing a medium size truck with Postal logo, plus 2 Humvees and a pickup pulling a fuel trailer. They were unable to pursue.

“The ferry operator, under questioning, reported that the NA convoy had to have been the job that had been arranged a few days earlier. At that time, the NA agent told the ferry operator to keep the ferry ready for this date/time, and shoplifted their only Washington DC city and highway map from the ferry office. Which apparently angered the ferry operator.”

That was yesterday.”

“Early this morning – 0230H – a patrol out of Ft Dix tangled with a small convoy matching the description of the tangoes at Wilmington. The NA convoy crossed the river near Trenton, but one NA Humvee was disabled before the convoy could break contact.”

“I’m very much thinking this NA convoy is their attempt at snatching the SRS docs from DC. They will surely be delayed with their detour around the ash-heap of Philadelphia. 

“Delayed enough for an opportunity, I think.”

NA Convoy 2.JPG

The Plan

Objective: SRS PA location papers contained in the Congressmens’ offices in the Ford Office Building.

This mission must begin without delay. Resper plans to beat New America to DC. USS Bigelow will insert party in 2 Napco Raider boats. Team will then continue up the Potomac. Bigelow will loiter in Chesapeake Bay. Each Napco can carry 4 personnel.

Potomac has obstacles in spots, but a small boat can get through to DC. Resper believes there’s a good chance Moss’ team can get there first. Bigelow will get you there with all haste; NA got shoved into the marauder-infested north of Philadelphia, and presumably must pass through CivGov controlled territory as well.

The Ford Office Building is about 1km from the DC waterfront.

Radiation: Resper says that he was on the Potomac River last year “for reasons” and radiation was only slightly above background. It’s been 3 years since the bombs dropped. Stay clear of the craters: The White House, and the Pentagon across the river are glassed from ground bursts. 2 geiger counters and 8 MOPP suits will be issued; they must be returned.

CivGov is known to control the Baltimore – DC – Frederick triangle. It is to be assumed they’ll have patrols in and around the ruins.

Rules of Engagement in DC: Do not engage CivGov patrols, even if fired upon. Break contact,  evade. If captured by CivGov, tell your interrogator you have information, only for Roger Caldwell (CivGov Deputy Governor of the III Military Region – Maryland), with the key words “Jack Needs a Favor Back”.

Briefing by email.

GM notes

This is our campaign’s slow burn entry into the Allegheny Uprising Pennsylvania adventure. Another of the early Twilight 2000 gems by William H. Keith, Jr. But we’re getting there by way of the Ruins of DC, my own creation. The two Congressmen I’ve recruited from Allegheny Uprising.

A surprising amount of Maryland is in Allegheny Uprising. It’s a CivGov stronghold, benefitting immensely from the Emergency Facilities scattered in a large arc through Maryland.

Washington DC got hammered hard in Twilight 2000 lore. The White House, The Pentagon, and Andrews AFB all got surface bursts. The Soviets wanted to smash any underground shelters. Plus a few more mushroom clouds in the region.

More on ground burst nukes in the next blog update.