Twilight 2000 PC gameBack in 1991, Paragon Software released a licensed version of Twilight 2000 for the PC. I played it back in the day. It was fun mostly because I was an avid T2000 gamer. Gameplay was a bit stiff and buggy. My understanding is that there were some fixes – part of the “Colonel” expansion?

If you’re feeling nostalgic, the PC game is available as abandonware.

Or if you’re really wanting to go all-in, the set can be found on Amazon.


The Map

This post isn’t really about the computer game. Others have written on it. My interest is in the folded map that game with the game. The map was recently discussed in the Twilight 2000 Facebook group. (If you’re a T2000 fan, by the way, you owe it to yourself to join the group; it’s one of the very few active forums for this old niche RPG. The Juhlin forum is another.)

Twilight 2000 computer game map

The map was only released with the PC game. I have one, and took it out for photos and a look-see.

I posted the full-res photo on Imgur. Right-click on it to save it locally.

For a computer game map, it’s quite detailed. The area represented is surprisingly small. I’ve approximated it on the classic Twilight 2000 Poland map:

Official Poland Map showing computer map area

The ruins of Częstochowa is in the northwest of the map, Kraków in the bottom center, Kielce in the NE, and Tarnów in the SE.

It seems to me that GDW and Paragon Software were working from different sources, as terrain features are strikingly different on the PC map. Even the cities are somewhat shifted. It took me a while to notice that the extensive ruins of Katowice and neighboring industrial cities are on the PC map, but not labelled. (It’s the massive ruins in the west.)

Twilight 2000 computer game map Krakow inset

If your campaign is going to spend much time in the Kraków region, the gamemaster may find this map to be useful.


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