A video by Scott Manley has some adventure seeds for Twilight 2000 players.

The Soviets contemplated emergency landing sites in the USA should one of their Soyuz spacecrafts run into trouble. In addition to locations in the Great Plains of US and Canada, sites in France, Ukraine, and the seas off Japan(!) were planned. The Cold War being well in effect, these contingencies weren’t discussed between the governments.

The feds wrote up instructions for local first-responders in safely interacting with a Soyuz craft, however these apparently were never distributed. The Russians themselves printed instructions right on the capsule in Russian and English.

Spacecraft coming down in unexpected places has been explored in the game already

Satellite Down

Satellite Down

Written by the late Loren K. Wiseman

A Soviet high-orbiting weather-tracking satellite, named DP 201, is the titular goal of a number of factions in Baja California.

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Falling Fragments of a Dream (Challenge Magazine 44)

Falling Fragments

Written by David S. F. Portree

By 1995 a person scanning the dawn or dusk skies at temperate latitudes could observe a dozen bright satellites. By 2000, they began to fall.

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Chock-full of inspiration:

1998  Space Shuttle Columbia emergency lands in Banjul, Gambia. Only surviving shuttle after nuclear strike on Kennedy Space Center.

1999  Mir abandoned by Soviet cosmonauts in two capsules after the nuking of Baikonur Cosmodrome

2001 through 2007  Reentry of fragments of American space station Freedom

September 2004  Damaged Buran shuttle reenters

May 2005  Mir Complex re-entry

200?  Kvant 3 materials science module re-enters atmosphere

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