4 December 2000 0700H. Taj Mahal Hotel Tower, Atlantic City, NJ.

Maks furrowed his eyebrows when he heard distant gunfire toward the elevators. He wondered who they were shooting at. ‘Cause that’s where they were headed.

But they had more immediate problems in the shadowy post-war casino that was The Indian’s lair. Seemed like everybody on this floor was gunning for them. It had developed into a nasty, close-range mess.

And a bullet had just creased Wojciech’s skull, sending him reeling to the ground.


Wojciech suffered a Stun. This is when a high Constitution score pays off. Twilight 2000 rulebook v2.2, page 211 deals with Stuns.

“Stunned characters must make a roll against their Constitution each turn in order to regain consciousness. The task is Difficult if the result was equal to or less than twice the character’s Constitution, and is Formidable if the result was greater than twice the character’s Constitution. This roll is made during the character’s normal Initiative step of the turn. If successful, the character is conscious, but may not act in the current turn. The character may act normally in the following turn.”

His roll was Difficult.


Success on his first try! He’ll be inactive the rest of this turn, recovering his senses. But it’s a nice bit of good news for sure.

Going into this, I was resolving what to do when the gunmen came across a helpless Wojciech. I decided to base it on a D6 roll vs their Initiative. The more experienced the NPCs, the more likely they’d be to take a prisoner… as opposed to finishing him off.


Wojciech down, gunmen closing in. Remember that Player cannot see shaded areas on the map; they are black to him. It’s a murky environment. The Gunmen aren’t even clear who their opponents are; they have to pass Observation rolls when engaging the party, or fail to recognize them as a threat. Catastrophic Failure will cause a friendly fire incident among the bad guys.


Maks engages AR-180 gunman, wounding him slightly


.22 rifle fired at Wojciech, misses due to hit location vs. Prone


Maks has shifted back to support Wojciech. Gunman with a civilian long-barrel Uzi runs up, fails to notice Linda, who attacks twice with her Hammer. Gets two (2) Oustanding Successes. Claw hammer twice to the head, he dead. Now the Uzi is on the ground.


A fellow with a Ruger P-85 showed up, I rolled to see if he’d fire at still-recovering Wojciech, or take him prisoner. Discipline won over. Man with P-85 gestured for Wojciech to get to his feet.  Maks fired across the prone Wojciech, wounding the gunman.



Wojciech rejoined his friends, scoops up the civilian Uzi on the floor. Party snugged in close to the bank of slot machines. Maks engaged man with pump shotgun. AR-180 takes shots, misses, and gets a Catastrophic Failure as well. He’s got a misfire to clear.


The party members resumed their painful crawl to the northeast, where a stairwell awaited. Wojciech took point. Movement and Fire rules really coming into play here.


This hurt. Gunman with an M-16 arrives, takes shots at Wojciech, wounding him in an arm and leg.


AR-180 guy returns, shoots twice at Linda, misses.


…and taken out by return fire from Maks’ MAC-10.


Called the session end here. A momentary respite, every party member wounded to some extent. No active shooters up in sight range. And a whole lotta bodies.