4 December 2000 0700H. Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, NJ.

It’s a brief respite from the gunfire throughout the casino floor. Moans, shouts and barked commands filled the air instead.

Maks briefly considered his few, no-so-great, options. The front doors still surely had gunmen posted. The Indian had a battle to fight against MilGov’s forces pushing into Atlantic City.

They’d heard gunfire earlier in the direction of the east stairwell. That had been their objective, but now Maks was rethinking that plan.

Remember, the screenshots are from the GM perspective. Player cannot see “gray” fog-of-war zones.

Wojciech moves to a corpse-pile, grabs a .30-30 lever-action and a .38 Special revolver. Maks is eyeing the AR-180 on the ground, but wary of the gunman in the distance.


One of The Indian’s lieutenants shows up, along with a gunman (and the Indian too! but he is hidden for the moment). The sub-boss makes his Observation roll, takes shots at Wojciech, which instead impact against the bank of slot machines.


Wojciech returns fire, KDing the sub-boss. Maks shoots at the guy with the shotgun, who’d been trying to withdraw, wounding him slightly.


Wojciech fires at the gunman with the M-1 Carbine, inflicting a head wound and a Stun. The Indian, who’d been watching the exchange, advances, shoots Wojciech, giving him his second head Stun of the fight. Maks is KD’d by enemy fire. Linda runs over and pulls Maks further behind cover.


Maks regains his feet, rounds the corner, acquires the sub-boss through Observation, and shoots him dead. Wojciech’s Stun this time is harder to shake off (Twilight 2000 rulebook v2.2, page 211). Formidable: CON roll means he needs a 4 or under on D20. He fails repeatedly in the following turns. The Indian tries to spot Wojciech sprawled among the bodies (Observation); fails.


Maks, covering Wojciech, engages The Indian with his AR-180. The Indian, wounded, withdraws toward the SE doors. The gunman near him with the M-16 attempts return fire, gets a misfire (Catastrophic Failure).


Maks returns fire on the M-16 gunman, sending him sprawling behind the table. M-1 Carbine gunman, recovered from his Stun, shoots at Maks, inflicting another light wound. Maks’ AR-180 has one round left.


Maks kills the M-1 Carbine gunman with his last round, dashes for the M-16 on the ground. Wojciech recovers from his second head injury.


The Indian, badly wounded, gets his second wind, shoots at Maks with his Steyr AUG. Head shot! Maks, too, is Stunned badly, collapses.



Wojciech, with two shots from a recently-acquired M-16, kills both The Indian and the gunman next to him.


The gunfire in the casino goes quiet again. The Indian is dead. His headquarters guard contingent is decimated.

The party bleeds from numerous wounds. Maks is unresponsive on the floor. Wojciech is woozy from a splitting headache. Linda crouches nearby, clutching her hammer.

18 corpses are scattered on the floor nearby.

Wojciech crawls over to Maks, sees that he’s still alive. No more espionage missions, he decides in that moment.


Capture72 - Final-001



With all the “home” time, I’m also taking a turn at DMing a classic AD&D module in my Roll20 game group. The write-ups won’t be extensive as here, but I’ll post the highlights: