31 July 2000.

military docsMaks and Wojciech had scooped up the papers on Kazanov’s desk. They were all in Russian of course.

Lots of random data on the 129th MRD

Krakow correspondence: An unnamed GRU functionary writes to Kazanov, lamenting that an undercover agent dispatched from Lublin to Krakow is missing and presumed dead. Writer expresses frustration that the KGB has a nest of spies operating there, and won’t share intel.

Intel on Silesia
Forces of the Markiz Slaskie are ex-Polish 14th MRD: Last reported strength 2,000 men and 5 operational tanks. Commanding officer (Col. Julian Filipowicz) refused orders in 1999 to join Pact forces moving against the NATO concentration on the Baltic coast, and has set up
a independent region, capital at Raciborz. KGB agents attempted to open
relations with him have not returned, and he must be assumed to be hostile to all parties to the war.
Notes on foreign legion, and American stragglers taking refuge in Silesia. Photo of Col. Julian Filipowicz.

Intel on Dobrodzien: They have underestimated American forces, and think it’s 5th Div stragglers with a couple of vehicles.

Orders to 129th MRD from 2nd Western Army Command, Legnica: Neutralize armed forces of independent Silesia. Secure coal mines. Set up cantonments for winter.

Briefcase (locked):
Col Kazanov has a war plan. Behead Silesia government, and place Warsaw Pact forces in an advantageous position to recover the territory.

  • Form OMG near Olesno.
  • Wrocław logistics forms supply dumps at Brzeg
  • 2 to 3 Aug 2000 1200H Commence “Свеча зажигания” Svecha zazhiganiya (Operation Candle). OMG pulls up stakes, heads south. Advance elements are to hold the bridgehead at Opole by nightfall.
  • Spetsnaz team neutralizes Silesia army base (including armor) at Raciborz 4 Aug 2000 0100H. No details are given. Seems very optimistic that operatives can suppress the whole base, but it’s clearly intended in the plan.
  • 4 Aug 2000 0400H Forward elements assault Krapkowice. Intel shows the city to be soft, ruled by Baron Josef “Pijak (Drunk)” Towadzien. Horsed Militia numbers 400. Kazanov underlines the importance of forward logistics at Brzeg to keep supplies coming forward, particularly fuel, which will be consumed at a high rate.
  • The plan assumes the capital will be in turmoil, unable to send strong reinforcements. Armored and motorized units are to push through Krapkowice and continue on, allowing infantry on foot to secure the town. Plan calls for assaulting Kozle by 1600H.
  • Kozle is noted as having a capable leader, Baron Wallenski. Spetsnaz team is tasked with his assassination on their return from their primary mission. Plan calls for push through Kozle by 5 Aug 2000 0100H, and at the gates of Raciborz by dawn. Resistance at the capital is expected to be disorganized and compromised.