24 July 2000 2100H. Ruins of Częstochowa, Poland.

Following the information in the journal of the dead American they found, the group was well-prepared for delving into the catacombs below the ruined Jasna Gora monastery.

Since my brother is out of town, we do the Twilight 2000 games by Roll20/Hangouts. I used the original catacombs map from the adventure book, and added a lot of imagery with Roll20. 
The Black Madonna is perfect for Roll20’s dynamic lighting function. No mapping. The party only sees what their flashlights illuminate. Made for a very claustrophobic, disorientating, and eerie atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

They made their way into the Christian catacombs, immediately seeing inset alcoves with skeletons of the faithful long-passed.

burial alcoves

They spotted and disarmed a claymore mine trap set into one of those same burial slots. Pushing forward, they saw the aqueduct mentioned in the journal. Crossing with rope and teamwork, they accomplished it much safer than the original party, although somebody shot at Maks with a crossbow during the commotion (lucky for him, he was shot in the back where his body armor protected). And yes there was a severed head at the crossing.

Black Madonna - Aqueduct

The group continued, found the crossbow, but no shooter. They found many rooms, some with piles of bones, and others with odd supplies (pews, a very old bible, a suit of armor, top ramen, spoiled wine, etc, etc.). They were attacked again at the junction, this time the shooter had an AK. Maks took a round in the leg, returned fire with his pistol, scored a solid hit, but to no effect apparently. Áron impulsively fired his HK-69, and took out the opposition, and nearly collapsed the passageway as well. But the AK was silenced. All they found were some sandbags and a destroyed mannequin.

Black Madonna - Rooms

They did find a dehydrated survivor from the last group, Davis, barricaded in a room to the north, but he was too far gone to be the shooter.

At the end… this pic is the room they found. And the Black Madonna, of course.

Black Madonna - Chapel

Fast-forward to: The Polish Pope