A long-time customer, Marcin, lives in Krakow, Poland. Here was our recent email exchange:

The books arrived safely today. Many thanks!
I’ll try to snap a pic of TW2K box at the entrance to the Wawel

And my reply:

Yes! I would love to post that pic on my blog if you’ll let me.

Well, Marcin sent us not just the entrance pic, but many others as well. I am most definitely going to visit Krakow some day. So beautiful. Let’s dive in.

For non-gamers who have stumbled on this post, Twilight 2000 is a roleplaying game set in an alternate reality where Poland was at the center of the conflict in World War III. Fictional names will be in quotes.

Exterior, west side
Wawel Main Gate. To the left there is a statue of Tadeusz Kosciuszko.
A Twilight 2000 1e set, exactly where it belongs!
Wawel Cathedral entrance
Wawel Cathedral side
Wawel courtyard
Wawel residential “Kutrzeba” residence
“Bohusz-Szyko” residence
Where Krakow’s “only operational Mi-17 Hip is parked”.
“Fuel dump entrance”
“Fuel dump”
Sandomierska Tower
Vistula River “no pirates”. This is the view from the castle walls to the West.
Bernardine Gate
Wawel diorama
Wawel’s Dragon!
…breathing fire!
The Dragon’s Lair. Yes, according to a legend a dragon lived under the Wawel Hill.
Thank you Marcin for the photos

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