Marcin – resident of Kraków, Poland – is back with his camera! He captured images of locations as described in the Free City of Krakow adventure module from the Twilight 2000 RPG setting. His notes can be found under each photo.

I hope these “reality checks” help Twilight 2000 referees describe Kraków at their game tables.

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Here’s another batch of “Free City of Krakow” pic. It took me a while but here they are. This time I went after some of the distinct objects marked on the maps in “The Free City of Krakow” supplement. Location of some of those is only an approximation based on the maps as no
exact addresses were mentioned in the book.

The only main thing still outstanding is Kopiec Kosciuszki (Kościuszko Mound). It lies in the opposite direction of the route I took this morning and I think it deserves a separate trip. Maybe next time.

Blonia Krakowskie

A vast city meadow (around 120 acres) near the centre of Krakow,
covered in morning fog. In the Twilight: 2000 timeline it was was
converted into a farmland after the Twilight War.


An approximate location of the largest distillery in Krakow. There are
no building there and I don’t think that that particular spot had any
significant land development after the WWII, judging from some old
photos taken in the ’60s and ’70s. The monument in the picture is
dedicated to all Polish soldiers and resistance members who died in
the WWII.

Wojciechowicz Munitions Plant

While the Wojciechowicz Munitions Plant is fictional, in its
approximate location there is a hospital, run by the Order of St. John
of God. I took the pic through a barred rear gate. The main building
is from 1906.

Grzegorzki Station

Grzegorzki Train Station was demolished around 1980 so I guess that
the Krakow maps GDW designers had were older than that. The only trace
of the station today are some preserved pieces of station tracks
incorporated into the sidewalk.

Collegium Juridicum

The entrance to the Collegium Iuridicum (it’s Latin, so it’s spelled
with “i”, not with “j”). They have a beautiful inner courtyard.
However, to quote “The Free City of Krakow” book, the place was
“closed and boarded up”. I think I came too early in the morning.

You can take a virtual walk. Search in the page for Collegium Iuridicum link

Nasz Towarzysz bar

An approximate location of Nasz Towarzysz bar. The map is not precise
enough so it can be these or any other of the gates nearby. The right
entrance leads to a vegan restaurant. I don’t think that they serve
any alcohol there, though.

Ratusz and Rynek Glowny

The Town Hall tower and the Cloth Hall on the Main Square. The Town
Hall itself was demolished in the 19th Century.

Na Zdrowie bar

Na Zdrowie bar at the corner of Florianska and Ludwika Solskiego (now
Swietego Tomasza) Streets. No actual bar at this location, only an ice
cream parlor.

Guard HQ

The Princes Czartoryski Museum – the entrance to the ORMO HQ.

Florianska Gate

Brama Florianska viewed from the South and from the North. It’s one of
the remaining fragments of the medieval city walls. The statute there
is of Saint Florian, hence the name (St. Florian’s Gate).

Krakow Barbican

A barbican that used to be connected with the St. Florian’s Gate with
a draw bridge. It was a part of the outer defense perimeter and
provided additional defense of the city gate.

Dworzec Glowny Station

The former building of the main train station in Krakow. The main
train station was relocated to the new building in 2014.

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