13 Aug 2000. Kraków.

The party decided to get free accommodations in the ruined outer boroughs of Kraków, south of the river.

Free City KrakowThe first module released for Twilight 2000 was our second module played: The Free City of Krakow.

1985 … William H. Keith, Jr. … 44 pages … GDW 501

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Party came in at dusk into the ruins. A gang was having a street party, and were apparently startled when the group’s vehicles approached, and scattered. But the soldiers could be sure they’d be back, and in greater numbers. The party prepared.

Noises. The city is alive even at night. A rhythmic banging sound could be heard off in the distance, perhaps the third shift at a local factory.
Feral cats and dogs. Yipping and yowling, and the occasional fight.
From time to time, gunfire.

The gang’s building was a secondary HQ. The perimeter is sandbagged, or walled off with rubble or I-Beam hedges. The roof’s perimeter is also sandbagged.

Two doors opened into the building. It is filthy inside. Mattresses on the floor. Blankets. Booze bottles. Looks like the gang members also use methamphetamine in large quantities.

The party was in position on the roof, behind the sandbags when the former occupants reappeared. Barna Aron manned the PK machinegun that was left on the roof, while Grant Derek William called dibs on the Barrett Light Fifty anti-materiel rifle left behind at the east end of the roof defenses. DeAngelo Pratt guarded the ground floor, east side, with an RPK, and Maks set up his MG3 at the east end of the roof.

Krakow outer ruins gang fight detail

As figured appeared in the streets, darting from cover to cover, the two groups exchanged fire. The gang members had the worst of it, though Pratt took a rifled slug from a shotgun early on.

The party enjoyed the high ground behind cover, but more and more hoodlums joined the fight. They snuck a PK machinegun on the roof of a nearby building, and William took fire.

Some sort of armored car approached from the south. Aron, who had been shifting his PK MG between the east/west sides of the roof as needed, fired two bursts at the vehicle. The bullets ricocheted off its armor.

William, brought his .50 Barrett rifle to his shoulder, and fired two shots at the windshield. The heavy rounds punched through the armored glass and killed the passenger, and badly wounded the driver. The vehicle ground to a halt.

Maks fired bursts from his MG3 alternately on each side of the armored car. The suppressive fire kept the four bandits following the vehicle under cover.

Then a bang could be heard in the distance, and a mortar shell exploded in the street southwest of the building, narrowly missing. More fire was traded, and the next mortar round made a direct hit on the roof, wounding Aron. William and Maks could make out the sound of someone speaking on a hand radio, between bursts of gunfire.

It was William that saw him first, a spotter on the roof of a nearby building. He called out to Maks, pointing. Maks trained his grenade launcher on the spotter, and lobbed a round at him. The 40mm HEDP grenade blew through the parapet, mortally wounding the spotter behind his supposed cover.

The fight lost steam after that, and the gang members melted away into the night.

The party was now in control of their own gangland territory in the ruins.

street ruins