Well out of Olesno, the team waited by a forest highway.

William, Áron, Pratt, and Schultz had specific orders:

Ambush a convoy headed toward the Soviet OMG firebase. Any convoy.
Pull punches. The goal is not destruction, but alarm.
Take no unnecessary risks. Hit and run.

russian-convoy-001The day’s light was failing when a 6-vehicle convoy approached. A UAZ in front, 4 trucks, and a BTR-80 bringing up the rear.

The team opened fire. Pratt laid a steady stream on the UAZ, gravely wounding the driver, passenger, and machinegunner.

William and Áron struck the first two trucks, then shifted position.

Pratt and Schultz found themselves too far forward and made their way through the forest to the rest of the team.

William and Áron fired again, and shifted position again.

The BTR-80 moved forward and, with a thunderous roar, its massive KPV machinegun ripped up the area that William and Áron occupied previously. Branches fell and tree trunks splintered.

The two rear trucks U-turned and fled the carnage. Driving too fast, one driver lost control and hit a tree.

Áron brought his M136 rocket launcher up to his shoulder and fired at the BTR. The rocket’s blast easily penetrated, and destroyed the KPV’s 14.5mm ammunition storage [I rolled Ammo, Ammo, and Ammo for damage results! That ammo was GONE!]. Other than wiping out the BTR’s ammo supply, there was little other effect. It was, however, enough to cause the gunner to panic, and he bailed out of the APC.

There was literally no return fire after that. The team didn’t know it, but the BTR was undermanned, and they had wounded or killed anybody that would fire back from the trucks.

William worked the bolt of his M40, and sent his last round at the retreating trucks, and missed.

Áron fired his grenade launcher, hitting the BTR’s suspension, wrecking the front two of the 4 tires on that side.

The team left the scene, radio silent, before the convoy’s troops regrouped.

They hoped Maks and Woj had successfully infiltrated the the Soviet OMG firebase. The two should already have been ready, waiting inside.

Their mission: To assassinate Col Kazanov, the division commander of the 129th MRD. The plan was to take out Kazanov and exit the firebase with the armored group sent to relieve the stricken convoy.

They had gone through so many plans to make a distraction. Sabotage of the base’s ammo and fuel, mortar attack, and others. All were eliminated.

Maks and Wojciech had covert experience, and much of the plan involved improvisation once inside. If no opportunity presented itself, they would quietly leave without striking.